Are you looking for garden pond ideas? The peaceful calmness and tranquility of water, plants and even wildlife in their natural habitat is so relaxing. Here are some of the best water gardens that you can easily DIY in your own backyard.

Use Pond Liner for Your Installation

Garden Pond Ideas

This gorgeous landscape is created using pond liner which is a durable Earth friendly polymer that is flexible. Most popular home improvement stores carry them. Edged with large limestone, short plants and sprinkled with lily pads, what is there not to love about this charming oasis?

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Garden Pond Ideas

Edged with a variety of stacked rocks and plant life, this enchanting garden pond has a system in place to keep the fish happy.

Garden Bridges Make It Spectacular

Garden Pond Ideas

A wood garden bridge connects the path along the side of this little slice of paradise. The koi fish swim around playfully. When thinking about the types of plants to use around the edges, consider plants that love sunlight. Bridges are a great way to add character to your water garden.

Garden BridgeAmazon has a fabulous garden bridge that you can paint yourself!

A Naturally Flowing Waterfall

Create interest and variety. Some garden pond ideas incorporate makeshift waterfalls such as this one which involves stacking rocks and building a flowing stream.

Garden Pond Ideas

If you don’t want to dig a hole for your pond, no worries! You can still have a gorgeous water garden above the ground. This one is created out of a large round container, lined and decorated with a gorgeous retaining wall. The homeowners then filled it with several types of water plants, rocks of varying shapes, colors and sizes and colorful fish.

Creative Garden Pond Ideas

Be different and think outside of the box. DIY is not just about putting in the labor and time, it also means getting creative with your own ideas. Take a look at what these thoughtful DIYers did with their garden pond ideas.

Garden Pond Ideas Stock tanks are hugely popular now and there is no guess that these large metal containers can hold lots of water. Filled with a variety of water plants including papyrus and Louisiana iris, it is also the home to several fish.

Stock Tank for Backyard Pond

Get your stock tank for your back yard pond project

Garden Pond Ideas Get creative with your stock tank pond and add some more containers and a trickling water feature. I really love the pouring pitcher idea for a pond.

Container Garden Pond Ideas

The amazing things you can do with a large flower-pot! This lovely water feature can be put on your patio or desk to add some serious appeal to your back yard entertaining.

Garden Pond Ideas for Patios

If you don’t have much of a backyard or live in an apartment, you can still enjoy an awesome garden pond. This little oasis can easily fit in small spaces. Pop it in a corner and make your porch awesome.

Garden Pond Ideas Purchase This Fabulous Patio Pond

Are you ready to start building your pond? I know I am. These awesome ideas have given me some serious inspiration.