Ever wake up in a bad mood? I know I do. It’s like the day is out to get me before it has even started. We can’t always be perky and happy 24/7 so here are 10 ways to boost your mood to help you get your day started off right.

Boost Your Mood

Listen to your favorite music

Music is amazing at uplifting our spirits and helping us feel better. I’m not sure if it causes feel good hormones to release or not, but it really does soothe a savage soul. When I’m uptight, anxious or just otherwise out of sorts, a good song helps me relax.


I don’t think any of us get enough sunlight so we’re missing out on some serious vitamin D. Sunlight causes our brains to release serotonin which helps boost your mood as well as keep you calm and focused. Open windows and let some light flow in and carve out some time to enjoy the sunshine on pretty days.

Eat Breakfast in the Mornings

I get hangry! Yes, it’s a thing. You know when you’re hungry and irritable and next thing you know you’re just hungry and mad. Eating breakfast can solve that problem before it has a chance to start. Plus, it’s the most important meal of the day so fuel up to keep your emotions and mind at a healthy level of functioning. It really does boost your mood.


Take a few minutes each morning to meditate before starting the day. Find a quiet place where you can shut off the world and make it your daily routine. Just 10 minutes will increase positive thinking and a happier mindset.

Keep a Tidy Home

I love having a clean and organized house. According to experts, less clutter equals less stress. I completely agree. When your home looks like it should be featured on the next episode of hoarders, it really messes with your mood. Organization helps you find things easier and lessens tension and anxiety so keep things neat and your mood will thank you.

Positive Thoughts and Affirmations

Thinking positive thoughts is a great way to boost your mood. I know from personal experience that negativity festers like a nasty wound and before you know it your entire day has been nothing but a downward spiral of sour emotions. Some great positive journal prompts I love to use are:

  • What are you thankful for?
  • What is your favorite thing about yourself?
  • Is it easy to express your feelings?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What are your best qualities?
  • Where would you like to travel?
  • What good thing can you do for someone else today?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Take a Walk

Exercise is great for the body and soul. I have always loved taking walks. It’s the perfect aerobic exercise. Brisk walks are good for the heart too. This is a simple way to boost your mood because it prompts the release of dopamine, that feel good hormone our minds love. Find a walking buddy or do it alone. Either way, the benefits are too good to miss out on.

Get a Massage

Oh my goodness! Who doesn’t love massages? If you’ve never had one, you’re really missing out. It’ll melt away the stress and muscle tension in mere minutes. A spa day is an awesome treat to yourself that increases your well-being and boosts your mood.

Spend Time With a Friend

Being alone has its perks, but it also has some drawbacks. You can get downright depressed if you don’t have a little bit of human interaction. That’s where spending some quality time with friends comes into play. Having a social life whether it is with one person you really enjoy being around or a group is a simple way to lift your spirits and bring you back to your happy place. I enjoy my time with friends and count each interaction as a valuable gift.


Ahhhhh sleep! I admit it. I think I’m in love with sleep. It is comforting relaxing in my bed under my cozy comforter and fluffy pillows. I drift off into dreamland and all the problems of the day just disappear. It’s no doubt that sleep is great. If you’re low on sleep, you can get pretty grouchy. Lack of sleep is known to cause irritability and depression. It’s safe to say getting enough sleep is one of the best ways to boost your mood.

I hope you find these tips helpful and until next time…xoxo

10 Comments on 10 Daily Habits to Boost Your Mood and General Well-Being

  1. I love this! I really need to spend more time working on being positive and changing my attitude towards life. I just read an article yesterday about the benefits of meditation and how it decreases “grey matter” in your brain and allows you to think clearer and focus. Amazing.

  2. So many helpful tips! I really love taking long walks, treat myself with a quality sleep and spend time with friends. Positive affirmations are also huge help. Music is part of my daily life! These are all great points and definitely help with boosting my mood! Thank you for sharing and reminding me to take better care for myself! ❤

  3. These are all spot on! Especially the daily affirmations and the sunshine! I also believe (since I’m an interior designer) that a tidy house lifts your spirits as well. Great post!

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