I decided to finish my Christmas shopping in Nashville Tennessee this year. We only live a short distance from Music City so grabbing those last-minute deals there was easy. Some shops in Nashville are easy to find but some are hidden little treasures that get overlooked. So, without further ado, here is my roundup on the best places to shop.

The Best Christmas Shopping in Nashville, Tennessee

Christmas Shopping Nashville Tennessee Opry Mills is one of my favorite places to shop in Nashville. It has practically everything from women’s fashion to camping gear and everything in between. If you want the perfect one-stop shop to grab everything on your Christmas shopping list, this is it. The food court has a variety of cuisine when you want to take a lunch break during your shopping spree.

Christmas Shopping Nashville Tennessee

I could not visit Opry Mills without heading into Build-A-Bear. My granddaughter loves stuffed animals and a plush furry friend from this fun shop makes a perfect gift for her. Naturally, kids enjoy building the bear themselves, however, since she lives in Hawaii, it is going to be a surprise. We ended up making a cute little bear with a pretty floral skirt and coconut bra. What a fun Hawaiian gift! This place has all sorts of neat ways to personalize your bear.

Aquarium Restaurant in Opry Mills Mall

Christmas Shopping Nashville Tennessee

If you are Christmas Shopping in Nashville Tennessee, you will want to drop by the Aquarium Restaurant at Opry Mills. This place is amazing! The ambience was on point and we had lots of fun checking out the sea creatures in the tank which surrounds the seating area. occasionally, you might witness a diver inside the tank cleaning. I thought that was cool. Their menu has a variety of delicious meals ranging from seafood to tasty all American cuisine.

Christmas Shopping Nashville Tennessee

A closer look at all the fish. There was lots of colorful marine life in the tank.

Draper James By Reese Witherspoon

Christmas Shopping Nashville Tennessee

This charming and oh so cute shop founded by one of my favorite actresses, Reese Witherspoon, was a must see while in Nashville. Full of colorful clothing and accessories, a stroll through this charming boutique will take you back to sweet southern days on the porch soaking up a gentle summer breeze. The boutique carries items that appeal to women of all ages. You will surely find a great gift for that special lady here.

Boot Country

Christmas Shopping Nashville Tennessee

If you have anyone on your Christmas shopping list who loves cowboy boots, you will want to take a stroll through this shop. We found it full of cowboy boots, unique leather and designs, hats and you name it. Keeping in tune with your southern roots and country music vibe is easy at Boot Country.

Judith Bright Jewelry

Christmas Shopping Nashville Tennessee

What woman does not love new jewelry? Judith Bright has an amazing little jewelry boutique that you won’t want to miss out on when Christmas shopping in Nashville for your special lady. Her handmade pieces are seriously the talk of the town and range from unique gemstones to golden cuffs. I was mesmerized by the pretty selection of designs in this shop.

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Christmas Shopping Nashville Tennessee

A trip to Nashville is never complete without a stop at the candy shop and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is the best place to find candy in town. Having been making sweet treats for over forty years, they know what it takes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of their numerous items include pralines, southern candy, handmade cakes, pies, fudge and much more. Many of their selections are great to give as gifts and they are always having sales and promos you don’t want to miss not to mention free shipping!

I hope you have enjoyed my roundup of places to go Christmas Shopping in Nashville Tennessee. This city is amazing in more ways than one and I am thrilled to live within a good driving distance away.

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