There are so many things you can do to grow your business this year, but what’s the most important? Well, here’s my breakdown on the areas you need to focus on that will instantly give your business the boost it needs to start growing and thriving.

Grow Your Business With This Methodical Plan

Start an Email List and Continue to Build It

An email list is a must have for any business. If you don’t already have one, get started ASAP! I recommend using Mail Chimp or Constant Contact as your email marketing platform. Both services provide you with list building, email automation, landing pages and branding.

Mail Chimp

  • Has a free plan up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 monthly emails
  • Upgrade your account with tons of features by choosing Grow for $10.00 per month or Pro for $199.00 per month.
  • Paid plans offer email and chat support and unlimited emails.
  • Re-target customers with automated abandoned cart emails, connect accounts like Word Press or Shopify, personalize your marketing and more.

Constant Contact

  • A 60-day trial period, risk-free.
  • Pricing for your account ranges from $20.00 per month up depending on your email list size.
  • A variety of customizable templates to easily tailor to your brand’s needs.
  • Powerful list building tools, real-time tracking, email marketing, consult with a personal marketer and more.

Once you start getting email leads, your business will begin to grow. Work on it a little each week to continue tweaking the email platform that is right for you. After you’re all set up with a good emailing service, you’ll gain subscribers in your sleep!

Create Content That Your Readers Will Love

This should be a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised how many people just throw something together and wonder why their blog or business is not growing. The quality of your content is far more important than the quantity. It’s fiercely competitive and you need to stand out. Put thought into what you write, stay on topic with content that attracts your ideal customer. Proofread like it’s life or death because it really is when it comes down to it. Nothing speaks unprofessional more than misspellings and errors. Stay on topic and focus on your niche. You want your overall brand to stay on target and keep your readers interested.

Always be prepared to work hard and stay dedicated.

Form Your Business Model

So what’s a business model and why is it important? Well, it’s a structure of identifying sources of revenue, your customer base, methods of financing, determining products and forming your business strategy. In layman’s terms, it’s the blueprint for your business.

Here are six doable tricks to help you work out a solid business plan

  • First, you need to validate your business idea. Will a larger customer base be willing to spend money on what you have to sell? Does your product or service solve a problem? Develop your prototype and test it on a focus group, friends or family. Record their reviews, opinions, and emotions about your product. Did you have more positive than negative reviews? Take note of what you can do to make your product better.
  • ¬†Determine your cost and profit approach. Estimate what your cost will be to create the product. Factor in materials, labor, time and profit margins. Investigate market demographics and competitor pricing. You want to offer your product close to competitor pricing but still keep a good profit margin. Overpriced products won’t sell and underpriced products will undermine your business and bankrupt it.
  • Get Unbiased feedback. You need to talk to investors and experts in your industry, even if you’re bootstrapping your business. Set up connections with sales channels and distributors. Research everything you can on your product and the market for it.
  • Plan a local rollout or pilot. To validate your business model, do a limited rollout of your product. This will help you determine pricing, quality and cost. Continue to tweak and test your product as needed.
  • Customer References are gold.¬† Pay special attention to your first customers. Ask for testimonials that you can add to your website as well as promote word of mouth advertising. Run promotions and collect customer reviews.
  • Target Trade Shows. Attend trade shows with your product. Get feedback from industry experts. Watch what they are doing and take note. How can you improve upon their ideas?

Create a Team

Unfortunately, none of us ladies are Superwoman who is able to do it all. At some point, we’re going to need some help whether it is with content creation, bookkeeping, advertising, social media or all of the above. If you still have a day job and are working on your business on the side, you’ll probably need more help to scale quickly. Also, let’s not forget rest! Oh, how I love a good nap! We all need a break to relax and rejuvenate our minds. Delegating tasks and outsourcing some work to a virtual assistant will help you grow your business and gain some time to focus on other things that need your undivided attention.

Build a Consistent Income.

Growing your business helps create consistent income that you can count on each month. This is where recurring revenue streams come into play. Yea, it’s great to have one time payouts. Hits as I like to call them. The real bread and butter are the little streams that you can expect to continue flowing your direction. Some examples of these streams are operating a membership site, product subscription services, sell consumables, affiliate marketing, sell digital downloadable products and sell advertising space. These are just a few of the many ways you can create a steady income for your business.

Keep Your Goal of Freedom Front and Center.

It’s gonna get tough sometimes. Some days you’ll be flying high and others you will feel like you’re about to crash and burn. Don’t give up. This happens to the best of us. Create a vision board and write down your goals. Focus on them each day. Spend time journaling. Write down your successful milestones. You’ll work your tail off but it’s gonna be worth it when you grow your business and watch it flourish. What are you passionate about? Do you remember what you enjoyed as a child? Think about the freedom you’ll have when you’re a successful businesswoman. Take an hour each week to do something you love. In time, when your business is more self-sufficient, your free time will grow.

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