Lately, I’ve been trying to narrow down the habits that you need in midlife to make the transition easier. Yea, I admit, I have been struggling with growing older. It’s like I was cruising along in my 30’s living life how I wanted and then suddenly 40s hit and things started changing. I am noticing more gray hairs on my head and more hair showing up on my chin! Seriously, life changes are not always pleasant. That doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to proactively adjust and still enjoy life to its fullest.

Here’s what I’ve discovered works the best for me when it comes to transitioning into this new season of life.

Tell Yourself You’ve Still Got It And Believe It

Just because you’re growing older doesn’t mean you’re no longer you. So many of us see a stranger in the mirror after we hit 40 rather than embrace our changing bodies. It’s all about focusing on body positivity. Instead of noticing what might be sagging a bit or expanding waistlines, direct your attention to the positive qualities. Your eyes are still just as beautiful. Look at that pretty smile. Never fail to notice your awesome personality.

Take Time Out for Girlfriends

We all need our girlfriends and that need can be even stronger as we age. Carve a spot out of your busy schedule for quality girl time. Go out to eat, grab some coffee or just do something fun with the ladies. You’ll notice how encouraging and uplifting it is to have social activity. They are your loudest cheerleaders on this road of growing older and it always helps to have someone who understands.


It’s like this. You were 20 yesterday and now you’re 40! It goes by so fast. Don’t keep putting off that trip you’ve wanted to take for so very long. Make plans, save the money and just go. It really is now or never. Odds are this is the perfect time to go. With the kids being older or grown, that overdue destination is waiting for you. Live your life while you’re still able. Tomorrow could bring a host of troubles so why wait?

Express Gratitude Every Day

Always be grateful even for the little things. Hey, you’ve made it this far! You still have lots of love to give and a life to live. Be thankful for each moment you’re blessed with. Continue showing people you appreciate them. Always express a gracious attitude toward others. The habits that you need in midlife involve being a classy lady. Believe me, I’ve seen women age and become such bitter people who develop a crude sense of entitlement. You don’t want to be that person. None of us are entitled to anything. Be thankful and kind. It goes a long way.

Take Breaks And Take Them Often

We all know life is hectic. It doesn’t slow down just because midlife hits. Unless you’re one of those fortunate people who get to retire early, odds are you still have a full plate of activity going on. Always make time for breaks for rest and relaxation. You need it even more as you age. What good is a Superwoman title if you tear at the seams of your sanity in the process? Burnout is real and stress can lead you down a path of destruction. The best way to keep your life running smoothly is to take some much-needed time to decompress.


Sorry girls. We all know we need to keep our bodies in shape. Some of us are great at getting up and getting moving. The rest of us struggle just to get off the sofa. You don’t have to run and join the gym if that’s not your thing. A brisk daily walk, a good jog on the treadmill or a nice workout at home is better than nothing at all. As we age, it is very important to take good care of our bodies for both physical and mental well-being.

Unplug and Unwind

Take some me time. You really do deserve it. What do you enjoy? Perhaps it’s a good book, a massage at the spa or a relaxing hot bath. Be sure to take time out alone and treat yourself to something you love to do. Trust me, the household chores can wait till until you’re ready to tackle them.

Eat Healthy and Have Some Wine

Get rid of the junk food habit and incorporate fish, chicken, fresh vegetables and fruit into your diet. You’ve got to keep your body healthy. Drink lots of water but don’t forget to have a nice glass of wine. Wine has lots of benefits so there’s no reason to feel guilty. You’re doing your body and mind a favor so drink up!

Go Shopping

All these years the kids came first. You bought them the latest brands while you were probably still wearing clothing from several years back. You did great momma, now it’s time for you. Go shopping. Make a girlfriend date or do it alone. Just do it. Update the wardrobe or dare to change up your style. New clothes are wonderful for boosting self-confidence.

Laugh and Love

Do lots of laughing and plenty of loving. Spend quality family time and have family and friends over for dinner. Enjoy their company. Don’t forget the hugs that take your breath away. Stay tuned in and make time for those that matter the most. Life really is short so live it to its fullest. This is your adventure so enjoy the ride. These habits that you need in midlife will keep things running smoothly for years to come.