We needed a simple seat for our front porch and it needed to be budget friendly. I came across some neat DIY cinder block bench ideas and had to try it.  The entire project cost us about $30. That’s not too bad considering porch furniture can cost hundreds.

DIY Cinder Block Bench

First off, we made a trip to Lowe’s to get the supplies.

  • 8 concrete cinder blocks
  • 3 six foot long 4 x 6’s
  • Outdoors paint and brush
  • Outdoors cushions with ties

Preparing to Paint the Blocks

DIY Cinder Block Bench

Naturally, the heaviest part of the project was the concrete blocks. Thankfully, Joey assisted in getting them where I wanted them to go. I was going to paint them white, but that did not turn out too well. I decided to just stain them with the dark wood stain that I was using on the 4 x 6’s and to my surprise that worked out.

DIY Cinder Block Bench

After staining the blocks and wood with two coats of stain, we let it all dry overnight.

DIY Cinder Block Bench

This easy project was halfway done!

Now, we lined three blocks up on each side, holes facing inward where we could add the 4 x 6s. We pushed the wood into the cinder block holes and  lined it all up. The cushions and pillows were added and it was ready to use!

Our Inexpensive Front Porch Seating

We really enjoyed creating this super easy DIY cinder block bench. Some people like to cement or glue theirs down, but since we plan to move next year we left it as is. It is heavy enough to hold. When you want to relocate it just move the pieces. I think these will make great garden benches and plan to have a few in our garden when we build our cabin. We decided to push it up against the porch railings instead of building a back, but some people add backs to them which requires just a few more steps.

This is one project you really should try if you want a quick and each bench.