I have decided to open up to my readers once a month and give you a little update on my life and share with you what’s on my heart and mind. It would be awesome if we could all have coffee together, don’t ya think? This is the next best thing. Here’s what’s on my mind this month.

Coffee Chat

Post Holiday Musings

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and glad to have you at Coffee Chat. Ours was nice however it just wasn’t the same without our daughter, Ashley, son-in-law, Ramses, and adorable granddaughter, Anna. This was our first Christmas without them and I admit it was a tough one. Ramses in in the Army and they got stationed in Hawaii this past June. We are hoping to go visit them this year. It sure gives us a good reason to go to Hawaii.

Our freshman in college, Jo, is really thriving. He made the dean’s list this last semester and heads back after Christmas break on Monday. We can’t wait to see his accomplishments this semester. We’re grateful he is still in the same town as us and get to see him often. Right now he is a physics major but is thinking about possibly making a change. Whatever he decides to do, this kid is smart so we know it will be great.

I decided to start a diet after the new year. Yea, I know, many people give up their New Years Resolutions, but so far I’m doing well. I started Alli, the dietary supplement that blocks fat absorption. There were several mixed reviews so I was a little leery of giving it a go. I’m happy to report so far, so good. None of the negative side effects have happened to me and I am down 4 pounds so we’ll see how this goes.

I plan to work hard to grow my blog in 2019. It’s still young but I’ve seen slow and steady growth so that’s exciting! I’m really thrilled to have you along for this little adventure as well as you hanging out with me in coffee chat. I can’t wait to share with ya’ll what will come up throughout this new year.


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