Whether you call it a family room, your favorite hang out at home or a den, these living room ideas will help you make your home more relaxing and enjoyable.

Budget-Friendly Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas

Pile on the Pillows

Decorative pillows create a warm and welcoming feel in any space. Pile them on sofas and chairs. You can mix and match your designs and colors. Change them out each season for a quick and easy living room update.

Pillow number and placement can make or break the look you are going for. Go for an odd number. A few bigger pillows will actually look better than several small ones. Try to stick with 18 to 24-inch pillow sizes.

To get a modern look, limit your design palette to woven fabric that is smooth and geometric prints. If you prefer bold and colorful pillows, add a nice piece of colorful wall art into your living room to balance it out.

Living Room Ideas

Update Your Curtains and Rods

You will be pleasantly surprised how new curtains can change the look of an entire room. Take down those faded curtains and replace them with a fresh new set. Hang them high for a more impressive look. Curtains with textures and designs can look expensive, but you can easily find them for cheap.

Choose curtain rods that are at least a diameter of 1 inch. They will hold the weight of the curtain better and won’t look cheap even if you paid mere pennies. Wooden rods can actually bow over time so you are better off picking metal rods. Select rods that closely match the hardware in your living room for a more cohesive look.

Living Room Ideas

Flea Market Finds

Head to your local thrift shop for some awesome pieces for pennies on the dollar. Look at this gorgeous table at South of Main. What was once old, drab and discarded can become beautifully new again with a fresh coat of paint. Fixer-uppers save you hundreds of dollars. You can find all sorts of tables and chairs as well as accents you can use for your living room ideas. Be inspired.

To score the best deals at a flea market, you need to go early in the day. Don’t be afraid to haggle for a cheaper price. Chances are they will come down. If you can paint and DIY, try to avoid pieces that are already finished because they will be more expensive. Look for pieces that need some TLC for the best deals.

Living Room Ideas

Flirt With Slip Covers

Dress an old sofa or chair with a slip cover instead of blowing all of your hard-earned money on a whole new living room suite. There are so many different designs from bold to textured and sophisticated. Create a look that is all you. These things instantly turn a tired sofa or chair into a refreshing new piece of furniture.

They are not your granny’s floral and ruffled bed sheets thrown on a couch of yesteryear. Not saying flowers and ruffles are bad, but you know what I am talking about. Those covers that never fit the sofa and always left you wondering what horror story was hidden underneath.

Now, you can find ample choices for slip covers that fit snug against your furniture, pretty accent ties, straight and formal sofa attire and more. Elegantly striped covers can turn a cheap chair into designer style on a dime.

Living Room Ideas

Let There Be Light

Yes, of course, natural light is the best but the sun eventually goes down. When it does, you need to have beautiful artificial lighting. Whether you want elegant and sleek lamps, colorful artisan styles or romantic and shabby, pick the designs that match the general aesthetic of your room as well as your personality.

Your choice of lamps set the mood for your living room.

There are three types of artificial lights that balance an attractive room.

  • Ambiance lighting offers soft lighting such as chandeliers, flush mounts and wall sconces. The soft glow is comfortable and relaxed. 
  • Accent lighting will draw attention to certain features in a room. Think recessed lighting and track lights.
  • Natural light always needs to be included in living room ideas because it allows for the best source of light and you get to save on energy costs.

Living Room Ideas

Area Rugs

Rugs can really change up the look of your space. A fantastic choice for living rooms, group your furniture into a cozy angle which is conversational. Use a pretty rug to tie it all together.

Look for good quality rugs that have natural materials such as silk and wool if you want a rug that will last. It may cost a bit more, however, it will age well over time. Wool rugs are gorgeous and retain value.

Cheaper rugs like grass and jute are less in cost but they don’t last. If you spill something like grape juice or Kool-Aid, that stain is there to stay.

Set your price limit before you shop then add 12 percent as a cap on your budget. The general rule of thumb is to not spend any more on an area rug than you would on a high-quality sofa for your living room.