How would you define a productive mindset? What organizes an otherwise chaotic life? Successful people want to find ways to maximize their potential. There are days I am far from productive and others I slay it like a boss. With the right balance and methodical approach, we can keep on track to accomplish our goals with the most effectiveness.

Instead of wasting half your day just trying to figure out how to properly manage it, here are my foolproof tips to achieve the most productivity with the time you have.

Focus On One Task At A Time

Are you crazy? We’ve been taught to multitask for ages now. I bet that’s what you’re thinking. You’re right. Multitasking has been branded into our brains for a good while now. However, we really can’t give our undivided attention to more than one thing at a time. Research has proven it. When you try to multitask, you’re really just hopping from one task to the next. All of the back and forth is a recipe for overwhelm. Instead of getting one task finished, you end up with several little projects going and nothing completed. At the end of the day, you won’t feel the satisfaction of accomplishing anything. Make it a habit to start and finish one project at a time. Give it your undivided attention. You’ll end up with a completed project, a more relaxed frame of mind and energy to focus on the next task.

Be Persistent

When you’re persistent you succeed in both career and life. There’s going to be setbacks from time to time, but that’s where “don’t give up attitude” has to come in to overcome it. Gaining ground with a productive mindset is all about what you put into it. You might be tempted to give up after things fall apart. We all experience those feelings at some point. Rather than throwing in the towel, pull up your big girl panties and deal. Keep your nose down to the grindstone and eventually, that effort and determination will pay off.

Have a Positive Attitude

Having a positive outlook keeps us on track to achieve greatness. Negativity has the opposite effect. Some days will be easier than others when it comes to having a positive frame of mind. Each day, focus on the good things in your life, keep a journal and jot down daily affirmations and goals that you have ready. You can look back on these when you’re feeling down. It’s really uplifting! When you feel positive, everything gets a boost. Your productivity increases, your mood becomes more pleasant and your motivation increases. That’s a win-win!


Have you noticed that successful businesswomen are glowing with self-confidence? I mean, you can see it in how they walk, talk and carry themselves. When you are confident in your capabilities, it creates a ripple effect of positivity, productivity and success. Furthermore, a productive mindset isn’t possible without self-confidence. Reaching our highest potential is all about how we think and feel about ourselves. Work on how you see yourself. Focus on your best traits and strongest skills. Working on learning something new. Each time you succeed you’ll feel that self-confidence rising. It’s an awesome feeling to have!

Get Motivated

One thing that will blow a productive mindset quicker than anything is a lack of motivation. Gosh, have I been there! Some days it’s so easy to just veg out in front of the TV and do nothing except wallow in self-pity when life is not going my way. Productivity and motivation go hand-in-hand. So, how do we get motivated to reach for our goals?

Instead of focusing on the here and now and your endless to-do list. Think ahead. Create a vision board, write down goals you want to achieve and lay out the steps it will take to achieve them. Think about what the end results will give you. What motivates you? Is it leaving your 9 to 5 to work for yourself? It is more money? What about the freedom to travel? Whatever you want in life should be the motivator to get you moving toward those goals.

Find Your Rhythm

I call it finding my groove. We all have different approaches and work methods. When you find your rhythm, you create a routine that helps keep things flowing smoothly. It may take a bit of time to get into your own workflow but once you do, productivity follows.

I hope this post helps you to get into a productive mindset. Our success in life depends on how much we accomplish and it’s all about how productive we are.


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