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There are certain kinds of remote work essentials that you need to get your business up and running. If you’re looking to start telecommuting, this is gonna be your go-to list for getting started on the right foot.

Equipment Needed to Work From Home

Computer with Windows Operating System

Most work from home jobs require a PC with Windows installed. So if you love Mac, you will probably need to invest in a windows based computer to keep up with the demands of your clients. You could also download Boot Camp which will load the Windows-based operating system on your Mac. Job postings usually list the company’s computer requirements.

There are some work at home companies that provide equipment to you. Some even supply equipment allowances.

Here’s a list of some of the companies you might want to check out that offer both equipment and a job!

  • A Place for Mom This is a company that hires senior advisors. They usually have full-time positions that pay a base rate and bonuses. Workers are provided with laptops. Three years of sales experience is preferred.
  • BufferGet supplied a laptop and enjoy health insurance at this awesome company. You’ll also enjoy unlimited time off and a learning stipend.
  • World Travel Holdings They will provide you with the equipment you need to work from home and deduct payments for it from your paychecks. Employees enjoy access to awesome benefits as well as travel discounts and paid time off. A landline is needed for this opportunity.
  • Zapier offers great work from home opportunities with healthcare, retirement, vacations and you’re provided with a computer to do your work.

High-Speed Internet Connection

You will definitely need some bandwidth for your connectivity to the Internet. Services like fiber, DSL and cable are the most common. Generally, a satellite will not support the upload and download speeds you will need however, each job will have their own specific requirements. Also, take into consideration your data limits. It is a good idea to have unlimited connectivity to avoid going over. That can get a bit pricey!

Dedicated Phone Line

If you are going to work for a call center, customer service or lead generating, you will more than likely need a phone line. Usually, VoIP services and cell phones are not permitted. There are several internet and TV providers that will let you bundle a landline service at a discounted rate. Some companies will reimburse your phone cost.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

A good set of headphones is one of the remote work essentials must-haves. You’re not going to want the cheapest ones available because they won’t provide the results you need. Brands like JBL and the Sennheiser Binaural Headset are excellent choices for clear and quiet work.

Printer and Scanner

Another must-have piece of equipment needed to work-from-home is a printer. It needs to have copying and scanning capabilities. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a good piece of equipment.

Certain Software

Some work at home positions require specific software. Make sure that your computer has plenty of free hard drive space and memory available for storing software and data files.

Digital Camera

Are you going to be taking pictures? If so, you’ll need a good digital camera. Don’t rely on smartphones for high-quality photos. Yes, some phones take amazing pictures, but you’re going to need the best for your job.

Hope this list of remote work essentials comes in handy for your telecommute adventure.

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