If you’re a busy girl boss, self-management techniques are a must have if you expect to keep the proper ebb and flow of your business. Being the one in charge means you’re responsible for keeping yourself productive and motivated. For some of us, that’s easy. However, the majority of us need a proper plan in place to keep ourselves in line during the workday.

Self Management Techniques

Whether you’re working from home, freelancing or running a corporation, staying focused means everything when it comes to building a successful career or business.

5 Self Management Techniques for the Busy Girl Boss

Dress for Success

It’s super easy to run around the house in pj’s all day long if you work from home. My advice is don’t. I’m not saying you should dress as if you’re headed out to an important business meeting, but you need to dress for the occasion. Wear something comfortable and casual. Perhaps a nice pair of slacks or trousers and a comfy shirt. If you feel like you’re actually working or at least stepping outside, you’ll get more accomplished. Comb your hair and wash your face. Be both mentally and physically in the present. If you’re the girl boss who actually goes to a physical work location, it is a must to dress like a lady in charge. Develop a mindset of keeping your standards high and set an example for others.

Utilize a proper workspace

Get your workspace in order. Set aside a special area or office where you work. Get it organized and functional. Decorate it and then own it. Keep all of your work there and don’t let it spill out into other areas of the home. A work area with a door is preferable. Keep your home office tidy and clean. If you have an office outside of the home, the same applies.

Turn Off and Avoid Distractions

When you don’t have a boss dictating the rules for you, you dictate your own. That is both good and bad. It’s all how you utilize self-management techniques to keep yourself focused. Some of us work better with noise like a radio and some don’t. Think about what best applies to you. Let family and friends know your work hours. Tell them unless it’s an emergency, you’re unavailable. Be accountable. Since you’re the boss, it’s up to you whether your business succeeds or fails. Keeping rules in place and sticking with them are how all powerful female entrepreneurs achieve success.

Set Your Work Hours

Don’t be available 24/7! Set work hours typical of most businesses and stick with them. It’s easy to be available at any time but that’s a quick recipe for stress and burnout. Make your hours known to clients and customers. Except for the occasional personal appointment or vacation, do your work during work hours. Set aside the rest of your day for family time and rest.

Schedule Yourself Breaks

We all need a break or two during the workday. Regardless of deadlines, squeeze in at least two 10-15 minute breaks during your work day and a 30-minute lunch. Step outside and get fresh air, set an alarm and take a quick cat nap or even a brisk walk. Your mind will enjoy the quick rest while you prepare for the next round. This is how famous lady bosses stay on top and successful.



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  1. These are great tips! I find when I am not structured I am often losing track of time or getting distracted. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tips! I just recently organized my art studio, gave it an entire make over. I didn’t realize how closed in I felt in there, until after I organized and opened it up a lot more. Having a clean, organized space is definitely a must!!

  3. These are all so very true and I am finding out that they are crucial in order to operate a business. I just started my own business so I am learning how to use my time management skills effectively, especially as a mom who works full time outside of her business! I believe breaks are crucial in making sure that we all stay sane! Ha 🙂

  4. I believe my biggest challenge is turning off distractions! I am extremely guilty of multi-tasking, and before I know it it’s 2-am and I’m trying to figure out what all I’ve accomplished! I really should learn to set aside specific times for each task so that I can gauge its progression and completion!

  5. These are great tips and I needed the reminder!! It’s important to remember that there is a such thing as too much access and at some point, you need to disconnect!

  6. This is good advice. I have a tendency to work whenever work shows up (except dinner time which is off limits). It is a good idea to set boundaries for the rest of the day as well. Thanks! You have a beautiful blog!

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