Being a work-at-home mom is no walk in the park. It involves a balancing act of mothering, working and self-care. Learning how you can improve productivity while keeping on top of things will help your hectic days run much smoother.

Prioritize and Limit Your Daily Workload

Don’t jump in all willy nilly and expect not to get sidetracked and overwhelmed. Begin the day by prioritizing your to-do list. Write out what you need to get done for the day and set priority to what’s most important. Set a limit to your tasks for the day and stick with it. This will help you stay on track with both your career as a mompreneur and a girl boss who needs proper downtown with work-life balance.

Get Organized

If your office space is not organized, stop what you’re doing right now and work on getting it tidy. Being organized is everything when you want to be able to focus, stay calm and get tasks accomplished. Make good use of every inch of your office space. Always put things back in their designated spots where you can easily find it later. I can’t tell you how many times in the past I have let my space get in disarray only to stress myself out looking for a pair of scissors!

Separate Your Work Space and Family Space

Another productivity hack for the work-at-home mom is to separate your space for working from the rest of your home. Designate your office area and use it only for work. This helps you to create clear boundaries between work and family. Set up a landline in your office for business so that work doesn’t interrupt your personal time.

Keep Regular Office Hours

This is so very important to keep your insanity in check when you’re the boss of you! Work during actual working hours and shut it down when it’s time to clock out. Keeping a good routine helps both body and mind. It’s one of the best ways for work-at-home moms can improve productivity.

Don’t Mix Personal Tasks With Work Hours

It’s really easy to take a quick break and do the dishes when you’re working from home. Avoid the urge to steer away from the desk. Shut the door and focus on work during working hours. The dishes and all of the usual mayhem will be waiting until later and that’s okay. Since you avoided the temptation to jump from work to personal, you’ll see how much easier the day flows.